Guide to an Epic Electric Bike Ride Across Ojai

Plan for the Day: Epic electric bike ride from the MOB Shop in downtown Ojai to Meditation Mount to Meiners Oaks and back, plus an abandoned plan for a dinner picnic and music at Topa Mountain Winery For this epic day, my sister-in-law/photographer and I rented electric bikes from the MOB Shop, which offers bike sales, rentals and tours, and journeyed to the farthest ends of the valley, 7 crazy miles. Even a novice bike rider can make this ride on

Guide to a Day of Luxury in Ojai

Suggested Itinerary for a day of luxury and fanciness in Ojai: Relax at Spa Ojai at the Ojai Valley Inn Wine tasting around the arcade at Ojai Vineyard, Majestic Oak Vineyard and Casa Barranca tasting rooms Chef’s choice 5 course dinner at a fancy restaurant I celebrated my 35th birthday super fancy, Epic Ojai style with a morning at the Ojai Valley Inn spa, afternoon wine tasting downtown (plus a little shopping), and dinner with my hubby at the historic

Guide to a Day Outdoors in Ojai

This epic day is all about enjoying the great outdoors in Ojai. Most Ojai residents can basically walk out their front door to find a serene spot in nature, a gorgeous sunset spanning east to west, and a big starry sky. For me, this is at the heart of what makes Ojai so special and why people are so passionate about it. With such a variety of options for what to do outdoors in Ojai from hiking to horseback riding, and so many guides already

Guide to a Classic Day in Ojai

I wanted my first epic day to be a well-rounded itinerary of classic Ojai activities that locals and tourists would enjoy equally. I read a lot of Ojai travel guides to get a visitor’s perspective and asked friends and family for their classic Ojai. Then I fully quality controlled all aspects of my plan for epic-ness. The following morning I woke up hungover with a Deer Lodge souvenir t-shirt and an empty liter of Kombucha in my recycle bin. Classic. Epic. Yep. The plan