About Epic Ojai

About Epic Ojai

Epic Ojai is my guide for what to do in Ojai. Each 24-hour itinerary is planned and tested by me, Monica Marshall, Ojai local extraordinaire. Its purpose is to a) motivate me to leave my house and b) share ideas about how to have one of those satisfyingly epic vacation days that feel like an eternity of fun. Epic Ojai is for my neighbors and actual vacationers alike seeking a fantastic day in Ojai. My personal goal for every epic adventure is to try something I’ve never done before in Ojai and perhaps to motivate my readers to do the same.

About Me

Monica Marshall, author of Epic Ojai
Monica Marshall, author of Epic Ojai / Photo credit: Amy Joy Bakken

My name is Monica Marshall, and this blog combines two of my favorite things: stay-cations and bragging about how great Ojai is. I was born in upper Ojai in the home of Beatrice Wood and have lived here basically all my life. My hubby is my high school sweetheart, and the majority of our four-ish generations of family live within a few miles of us. I have a bachelor’s from UC Santa Cruz in American Studies. I’ve been an on-call nanny for the Ojai Valley Inn, a waiter at the recently retired Los Caporales, a lactation consultant at Mothers Guild, owner of Baby Belle Bottoms, and I’ve done a lot of the really boring nonprofit stuff no one but the directors care about for Global Resource Alliance, BEBA and School on Wheels. Currently, I’m a stay-at-home mom and a self-proclaimed travel blogger.

Here’s what I personally love about Ojai: beautiful, beautiful nature, good food, great fruit, swimming holes, being able to bike everywhere, Mexican and Latino culture, a lovely community protesting this and banning that, so many talented artists, musicians and crafty people, red necks and hippies living next door to each other, celebrity sightings, the local labor force hard at work at the many coffee shops (Coffee Connection is the best, just FYI), an impressive farmers market with so many organic farmers growing everything, my friends I’ve known since at least high school but most since elementary school, my family, and my king bed.